Author Topic: My Problem with Universal Health Care  (Read 584 times)

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Re: My Problem with Universal Health Care
« on: September 21, 2009, 08:51:51 pm »
I don't consider life a right either in the sense that the government has to take proactive steps to protect you from the elements. My understanding of the right to life is that the government won't take life away from you, that goes for liberty and the pursuit of happiness if you like.

That having been said the system you describe isn't objectionable as far as I am concerned. It seems fair enough. However I don't think its practical.

I think a much simpler and less costly way to insure national health-care coverage would be to negotiate compensation in higher wages for the loss of employer provided health-care, impose anti trust regulations on insurance companies, reform and reorganize regulations and subsidies related to the health-care system. And create a social welfare program designed to cover regular doctors visits and chronic disease. This will be based on a simple negative tax deduction system. If you pay more than your health-care cost in taxes, you would be allowed to deduct that much from it. If you pay less you would be given money back.

It seems to me that could solve the major problems in the health-care system.

Lack of competition

strain on business

preventative treatment


the cost of health-care.

It would also require either the current amount of bureaucracy or even less. Limiting upkeep costs.

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