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Understanding immigration
« on: July 16, 2009, 06:29:17 pm »
Understanding immigration

By Giuliano Taverna

The immigration debate is permeated by the partisan divide that afflicts this nation, and this is proof of the deep inherent racism that permeates American political discourse. Each side of the issue is lead by racist, and those that meekly follow their lead do so only because the alternative is worse and they would as Aristotle said, "at second best side with the least of evils." So removed from ethical, practical policy is the immigration debate that each side is totally ignorant of the others legitimate points. The delusion of the conservatives and the liberals have dumbed down this issue, just as they have dumbed down the whole of political discourse in America.

The first thing that must be exposed to understand immigration are the cynical calculations of the two heads of our bi polar oligarchy. The republicans and or National Christian socialists of America party, and the democrats or the peoples communist republic of amerkia party, (note America is misspelled on purpose.) The fascists have been going after the white rural south since Nixon and are helped in elections by the xenophobic tendencies of those ignorant rednecks. Therefore opposition to immigration from Mexico where people aren't white Anglo-Saxon protestants makes the racist scumbags happy. Now the communists have been going after the angry black man, and the self hating white man vote since about the same period of time. So they naturally want more brown people from the south, the more radical and socialistic the better, they want people who A will be prone to the "under siege" scare tactics communists use to keep minorities from voting for anyone but them, B be economically disadvantaged, (which many communist policies incentivize) so they will always be looking for new entitlements.  These poor Mexicans are easy meat for the corrupt communist political machine which gobbles them up, and uses them as useful idiots in their bid to dominate the country.

So, now that we know what the vast right and left wing conspiracy is, lets examine what the average republican or democrat on the street thinks. The average republican, (not the aforementioned stereotype the fascists pander to) is concerned about his country. He realizes the importance of citizenship, the English language, and he sees the damage illegal immigration causes, he supports legal immigration, (because he most likely is the product of it) but he doesn't like these rule breakers who step ahead of all those playing by the rules to feed at the growing trough his tax money is wasted to fill. The average democrat, (not the aforementioned stereotype the communists enslave) is either a well thinking suburbanite or the product of illegal immigration but is a born citizen, understands that there are serious flaws in the system that forces many hard working Mexicans who want to make a better life for themselves and their children to get in anyway they can, even if it means breaking the rules. They are also concerned that these poor individuals will be mistreated by the aforementioned racist scumbags and the fascists in their attempt to maintain the redneck vote.

Now that we understand the motivations of the citizens that permit the criminals destroying America to exploit this devastatingly broken institution to continue their looting. Lets explore the ways the system is broken. There is no front door, its not like the old days where thousands of immigrants file off of boats at the gates of Elis Island to be processed, and then turned loose, (provided they passed muster.) The Mexican border has no such facility of necessary size and scope to process the vast migration, insufficient security to ensure people go through processing, and to be frank, no desire by any party to fix these obvious problems.

In areas controlled by the communists like my state the peoples republic of Massachusetts, also known as the principality of Deval Patrick the most noble one. We have what are called sanctuary cities, like my home city, Chelsea, which appears on the map as "here be crack heads." In Chelsea its almost impossible for police to do their jobs, because in stopping someone they are required to ask for identification, and heaven forbid they run across someone who has non, (because they are in the country illegally) they risk being sued for racial discrimination by the red army, (communist lawyer scumbags who race bait for a living and seize property from their rightful owners for their own use while giving a pittance to the minorities they use as pawns.) The wonderful communist reward the sheepified illegal's that support them by providing them with a broken education system that serves as a state sponsored Ponzi scheme for local teachers unions, (an essential part of the communist power structure.) Filthy streets, (which the wonderful communist then cynically blame on the illegal's they pretend to care about.) Nepotism, (because communists are family first and everyone else can drop dead when it comes to politics) and oppressively high taxes for lousy in some cases non existent services. But because they keep us sheep hovering just above absolute destitution and famine we gleefully reelect them term after term, because after all, they aren't like those evil fascists who we are told by our state run local media are much worse.

In business, (the playground of the fascist elite) we see something quite different. Instead of sustaining the illegal's in an environment that is probably only slightly better than the third world hell hole they emigrated from for political power. They put them to work in conditions that are also just slightly better than the third world hell hole they emigrated from for economic power. So to the fascists, the illegal immigrants are best exploited by using them to man sweatshops, plantations, and personal servants in their mansions, (see deposed Führer Mitt Romney founder of the peoples republic of Massachusetts socialized healthcare plan, and f-cker up of the big did, well one of them anyway.) They reward the hard work of their immigrant slaves by beating them, threatening them, and generally treating them in a manor worse than their pets, which are usually ugly small dogs that **** and crap everywhere and bite anyone who gets too close, or morbidly obese cats with absurdly well manicured coats.

So as we see, immigrants, (and those of us poor enough to live in the same places as them) get the experience of living in a third world banana republic, in the most powerful, (supposedly democratic) country in the world. Thanks to the wonderfully broken insane immigration system we have in this country. Now lets explore the effects of the brutal exploitation of immigrations by the left and the right on everyone else! The first thing one has to understand about wages is that they, like everything else in a free market are based on supply and demand. So naturally if there are a lot of people looking for work, and very few people hiring, the wages are extremely small. Now we have a beautiful concept in America called minimum wage that prevents the corrupt corporate bastards from reducing the working class to the level of serfdom. The problem? It doesn't apply to illegal's, so they get the dubious honor of working back breaking jobs for almost nothing, while us privileged American citizens get to enjoy showing up at the unemployment office every day, or going downtown with a cup and begging the corrupt elitist bastards that put us in this position for change. Next there is the imposition of Spanish on people who live in the immigrant ghettos the communist party has turned major American cities into (with cynical manipulation of housing construction) so they don't have to deal their pawns in their rich country clubs in the suburbs. After all, they are just as if not more racist than the fascists, they don't want to have to live next to brown people, (unless its their maid, or gardener of course.) So the rest of us plebes can enjoy walking around the street and not knowing what the f-ck anyone is saying, and having to make the poor girl at the counter repeat herself multiple times because the education system didn't bother to teach her English. And of course having to pay for the official signs, documents, and voice recordings that are in more than 5 languages instead of just one. I would hope my fellow environmentalists are outraged by the genocide of trees necessitated by the pages of documents in both Spanish and English. Also because of the lack of effective quarantines, there are regular outbreaks of diseases that most parts of the first world never get. My sister got ring worm, I was infected with salmonella, (FUN TIMES!) Polio, dysentery, and pandemic flu have also followed the drug funded slave caravans, err... I mean migration. And of course, all these immigrants are kept, (along with those of us that live with them in the communist concentration camps like my city) alive, (barely) by taxing (see extortion) the middle class for revenue,  (blood money) which we pay, because we have to. So those of us unlucky enough to be US citizens have to pay to fund the system screwing us over, an't it just swell?

Now how could we go about fixing this problem? Well first we need to get rid of everyone in the government, I'm divided between French revolution level blood letting and peaceful democratic methods. But however we chose to depose our slave masters, we had better do it soon. Now once we are living in a functioning constitutional republican democracy again. We then work through the process to pass legislation that. 1 makes it easier to emigrate buy funding the construction of institutions to process new arrivals, (like Elis island did for my great great something Pasquali a legal migrant worked who moved back to Italy) and my grand father Dominic Taverna, (who became a US citizen and founded a construction company, Taverna brothers.) and 2, make it harder for illegal immigration by going after the smugglers, and imposing draconian polices on the corrupt bastards that hire them, I would like to see their entire estates confiscated by the state, and distributed to the victims of their crime, but I would settle for fines and jail time, (normal jail where they get raped in the shower and stabbed, not country club jail where the beautiful people go under our bi polar oligarchy.) We also make birth by citizenship illegal, (have to get rid of the anchor baby loophole.) and make illegal immigration a criminal not civil offense, so anyone caught will be automatically deported. Then when these policies are enacted. We hold immigration courts and offer amnesty to all the current illegal immigrants on a case by case basis, (the criminals, communists, and racists can go back to wherever they came from at gun point because they aren't the good hard working immigrants who came to this country to make a better life for themselves and their children.)

That way in the future immigrants will have to be process legally, and all the people who are already here can be sorted out in a pragmatic fair way. I do think English should become the national language, because the only fair alternative to that is to mandate every language on the face of the earth to be used in every sign, document, and message. After all we don't want to give the impression that some minorities are better than others do we? lets all follow the same rules and speak the same language. If Zimbabwe can do it, so can the good old US of A!

I swear I'm not crazy... liberty or death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"It is the duty of a good shepherd to shear his sheep, not to skin them." Tiberius Caesar

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