Author Topic: ABC/Washington Post poll shows majority of Americans support gay marriage.  (Read 697 times)

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My views on marriage are that it has always been a very poor blend of religious and legal. Either take the religion out of it all together, or make it totally religious and let the Church deal with divorces, and who can marry in the first place and why or why not. I still think that's fair; if you don't like the stringency of qualifying for a Catholic Marriage, get a Unitarian Marriage.

I find the idea of making marriage completely religious in nature to be not only unwarranted (historically speaking) but also highly impractical to implement given all the current legal entanglements regarding the process. Marriage in this country at least is a civil state institution it never has been a religious one (in this country), though religions of all types have marriage rights they do not dictate official recognition of who is married and who is not the state does.

Most fundamentalist Christians don't understand this and that is where a large amount of conflict arises regarding this topic.