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Author Topic: ABC/Washington Post poll shows majority of Americans support gay marriage.  (Read 697 times)

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I wish you could see where the Catholics were coming from, though. A lot of people in America are Catholics, and in their faith marriage has always been religious. They have certain laws and customs regarding marriage that they can't keep because the law doesn't support them, the most notable and disturbing being the ban on divorce; people can just get a legal divorce anyway.

What I would do for Catholics, were I in power, is allow them to draw up a legal Catholic marriage. And the law would support them, obviously even as a dictator I can't handcuff two people together, but if they separate, no more marriage licenses, and they're still legally married.

You wouldn't have a problem with that, would you? Allowing Catholics to create terms for their own marriages? Obviously even a Catholic isn't forced to enter into a Catholic Marriage. Gays could still get legally married, I'd just allow individual religions and their individual definitions to exclude whoever they like or add or take away whatever they like from their definitions of marriage, if it's in keeping with their own customs.

I don't think fundamentalist Christians should be able to tell you no about this - but neither do I think that their religious authority should be undermined; let them have their own form of marriage, if that makes them feel better.