Author Topic: ABC/Washington Post poll shows majority of Americans support gay marriage.  (Read 697 times)

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The way I see it, religious communities already have the power to enforce their rules, its called excommunication. If Catholics want to stand up to divorce they should start damming damning people to hell Hell over it.

I Can concede that... Largely. Excommunication seems flaccid and impotent in a world where next door, the people living there don't even accept those rules. I have no problem creating a legal institution specifically for people who accept from the outset that marriage isn't something you can just get out of.

There's still the problem of religious fundamentalists not wanting to be a part of the same unions gays can now partake in. As much as I hate these people and their moral superiority and denunciations, I can truthfully see where they're coming from, and there's no reason they shouldn't be accommodated. After all, while marriage has been a legal union in this country, it existed long before as a way to keep the community civilised. Without it, men would either **** or cohabit briefly then leave, and women who could not compete - and were not allowed to compete - for labour, would not be able to support the offspring.

This has existed since time immemorial, and was put in religious context because people pretty much universally obeyed religious law, at least on the surface.

So I can see where they're coming from. I'd give any religion that wanted it their own type of marriage defined as they wish (within the limits of the law and decency, obviously nothing that says beating your wife is permissible or anything of that nature) and I'd back them up with the full extent of the law. They'd be happier that way, and wouldn't need to force their definitions of marriage on anyone else.

Nope, I'm against legal authority for religions for the same reason I'm against Mormon courts and Sharia law. We are a secular nation. If they don't like that they can leave and go live in the vatican where divorce is handled under vatican law.

Religious rights stop where they interfere with the rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness of the individual as far as I'm concerned.

Which is why I am against a whole host or "religious rights", including child indoctrination and circumcision.

Ultimately I'd like nothing better then to see religion fade from the conscience of humanity all together.