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Author Topic: ABC/Washington Post poll shows majority of Americans support gay marriage.  (Read 697 times)

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I'd agree with that, if religious groups want their own exclusive brand of marriage than why would gay people want to participate in such a bigoted "club?" As far as I am concerned, gay marriage is necessary, but religious groups can have their own marriage separate from the legal secular one.

You can have catholic marriage, Islamic marriage, Protestant marriage, Jewish marriage, pagan marriage, hell you can have satanic marriage. Let religions set up their own rules, and have them use their religious authority to enforce them.

I don't see the problem here, and I personally view religion as essential, not because I am religious, but because the religion acts as a moral glue, until a secular power whether private or public fills the role of determining morality and culture, you need religion.

I personally think we should encourage secular alternatives to religion, philosophical and political parties would be idea, as well as cultural, and regional clubs and neighborhood associations, councils, ect.
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