Author Topic: ABC/Washington Post poll shows majority of Americans support gay marriage.  (Read 697 times)

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This problem stems from the collapse of community networks which resulted from the industrial revolution which allowed common people to travel for the first time since the fall of the roman empire.

Because families no longer create bonds and form communities with commonly accepted traditions and practices, there really is no moral authority outside of religious institutions which were always just a part of the social network, and not a monolithic force that could remain stable by itself.

I think we should encourage community organization and the formation of local clubs, traditions, parties, and councils that mix secular, religious, and cultural practices. I even think local governments should embrace and support such efforts. But I draw the line at imposing laws made by them. If people want to brake such laws, we should empower the groups that make them to eject these people from their groups, but beyond that they should be free to live however they want.

This is necessary to maintain a stable society, if such measures are not taken. Eventually the country will collapse.

I want a weaker culture not a stronger one. Most aspects of culture are illogical and unneeded, not to mention problematic.

That said, I don't think it's the government's job to be promoting any kind of community organization let alone religious institutions which is strictly prohibited in the Constitution.