Author Topic: ABC/Washington Post poll shows majority of Americans support gay marriage.  (Read 696 times)

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I doubt you could beat me in the religious hatred department, that's something I'm rather proficient at.

Oh yeah? I think Christianity is a slave religion and the Bible is a book with two volumes, Masters Read Here and Slaves Read Here. The submissive, walk-all-over-me morality is proof. Forgiveness, turn the other cheek, and more forgiveness. I can't describe how despicable and unreasonable that is, and there's no one I have more sympathy for than the rare Christian who truly is following his heart and is thwarted again and again by his own slave morality and his religious superiors who tout the need to be forgiven and the uncleanliness of the Human soul no matter the effort.

The second thing I can't stand is the moral superiority. I nearly rammed someone's car because it sported a bumper sticker that boasted, "Christians, not perfect, just forgiven". The vast majority only join the religion in the first place in order to lord their moral superiority over others and place themselves above "heathens" like me. Yeah, you're Good, I'm Evil, I get it. But I would never complain that someone isn't Evil enough, or that they're not getting into Hell because they don't do this, or that. In short, Religion: An excuse to boss people around.

They think that just because being gay is morally wrong (whether that's true or not is another story) that their Religion gives them the authority to take action against it. Unless someone is actually, directly harming others with their behaviour, I say there is no such authority. If I happen to think something is wrong, that just means I don't do it. I am a Human Being with Human flaws, and though I try very hard to do the correct thing dictated by my philosophy, any doctrine is difficult to follow and I slip, ask Nin. So if I do wrong myself, what right do I have to tell others they have no right to do wrong? None. But apparently these Christians are without sin, because they sure cast a lot of stones. "Oh, we're saving his soul." say they. No, they're not, because if force could so save, what is the point of Free Will and the struggle to make the right choice onesself? Religion is a defunct bully of the highest degree that sucks up money like a Charity, provides little services, and sells the biggest scam of all time: Hope.

And if that's not enough, ask any of my closest friends about the Cake.
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