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Author Topic: Rise of anti Semitism  (Read 458 times)

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Right wing extremists hate neo cons
« on: June 11, 2009, 10:41:29 am »
It turns out Von Brunn in addition to hating Jews, also hates Neo conservatives, the war in Iraq, corporations, globalization, Bill O'reily and George Bush. So in other worlds he has more in common with Michael Moore than he does with George Bush.

Interestingly neo con is a code word for Jew, its funny I had no idea so many people were anti Semitic, and I had no idea I looked or sounded Jewish...

And according to my sources white supremacists claim he was trying to force the people at the Museum to answer some questions at gun point. Now obviously these white supremacists will say anything to make him seem less crazy but considering the last time he broke into a federal building with a gun, IE his attempted "citizens arrest" of the federal reserve board many years back, it makes a lot of sense and is a plausible motive. In his deranged mind he may have considered it OK to walk into a federal building, point a gun at a security guard and demand answers to what would probably be questions aimed at debunking the holocaust. Its possible he would have forced people to deny it at gun point, and its just as possible that he snapped halfway through this thing and just opened fired scratching the original plan.

In either event two things are clear from this new information. One the right wing extremist movement is as anti GOP as it is Democrat, and two they are totally convinced in the justice of their cause and there is no telling what these individuals are capable of.

I repeat what I said earlier. These groups should be investigated with a massive reallocation of resources, and their websites should be shut down. There should be a law against the kind of non factual racist propaganda that they spread. Lying to people and indoctrinating them with anti American beliefs should be a crime. Because that is precisely what created men like Von Brunn who is truly an enemy of all mankind or at least an enemy to both political parties.
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