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Author Topic: Rise of anti Semitism  (Read 458 times)

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Re: Rise of anti Semitism
« on: June 13, 2009, 10:02:43 pm »
I advocate the killing of the group that is criminals. I advocate killing when it becomes necessary to preserve the race. What if it comes down to it? What if "minority" advantage continues to increase until at very last, the remnants of the white race stand taxed to the gills and ready to lose their houses - to be given, subsidised and tax-free to minorities - and their families and their ability to produce families?

At that point I think it's time to start shooting, even if it will do very little good. I will not advocate allowing my race to go gentle into that good night.

Think about it objectively, and read your own essay on the matter. The continuing trend is minority advantage. You're a logical person, do you see any evidense that such a trend will reverse or even plateau? And don't you understand why white birth rates in America are not even at replacement levels? Don't you see that if such trends continue to increase, there will be no white people left?

Just let me ask you this... If the "majority" was, instead of "Caucasian" - anyone with Roman blood, and the very lifeblood carried within individuals, of your heart and soul, was what was being attritioned away, how would you feel?