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Title: The Discourse of conspiracy
Post by: Giuliano Taverna on July 16, 2009, 11:24:56 am
The Discourse of conspiracy

Note this is a work of fiction, based on hypothetical discussions between historical figures.

Intro, I was inspired to write this by continual arguments with a left wing conspiracy theorist who made similar illogical statements to defend his theories. It is essentially a parody of the archetypal conspiracy theory argument. It is based on the discourse format used by Galileo and Plato.


Jörg Lanz chief antagonist

Amadeus VI supporting antagonist

Sir Francis bacon chief protagonist

Niccolo Machiavelli supporting protagonist


Jörg Lanz sits alone on the banks of the Rhine writing a newsletter about Jewish plots for world domination, Amadeus VI walks up to him and says. "Jörg Lanz what is it you are doing?" Jörg Lanz replies "waking up the sheep like Aryan people." They do not understand what is right in front of them, how is it that Jews who have been persecuted for millennia have survived, thrived, and now hold the worlds finances in their grip? Amadeus responds "they must have been organized, surly it is an ancient plot, perhaps gifted to the Jews by the devil himself" "Exactly!" replied Jörg Lanz "It came to me in a vision, the Jews have come to posses so much power so quickly, it must be that they have hidden knowledge"

Sir Francis bacon approaches, "forgive my intrusion fellows but I have overheard your conversation" "I am puzzled as to what empirical evidence leads you to the conclusion that Jewish bankers rule the world?"  Amadeus VI scoffed, "is it not obvious?" "Every banker is Jewish, every merchant is Jewish, all the universities are lead by Jews, all the papers are written by them!" Bacon retorts "not nearly all, perhaps a great many, but how is it that you jump to such a conclusion, are there not more plausible causes for this Jewish renaissance?" "Like what?" Jörg Lanz asks.

Niccolo Machiavelli appears, "like perhaps the end result of decades of persecution" "The Jews have been so devastated over the years, that it is likely the weakest among them have been eliminated" "Lives of struggle bread strength, and years of persecution create bonds within communities that naturally allow them to thrive" " they have been excluded from all other sectors of economic activity by Christian law, aside from money lending, which they perform as an essential service." "Therefore I would suppose the very theories to which you ascribe, bring about the situation from which they arise"

Sir Francis bacon adds, "It is also possibly a function of probability" "All powers wax and wane, it could simply be that the Jews are at their zenith, and the Aryans at their weakest, to suggest there is a plot involved is an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary evidence."

Jörg Lanz interrupts " you are just rationalizing to escape the truth!" You have been engulfed by the Jewish lies to such an extent that you cannot see past them! Amadeus VI adds "if you cannot explain the source of the Jews power then you cannot deny our theory!"

Niccolo and Francis look to each other, "I do believe these men have decided themselves to such an extent that reason escapes them" said Niccolo. "reason is not something that can be escaped" Francis. "You there Amadeus VI! Jörg Lanz!" "Prove your position to me, or concede to your inability to present a logical basis for your beliefs!"

Jörg Lanz replies, "no prove me wrong!" "You are the ones defending the status quo, you are unquestioning, obedient and too lazy to reach conclusions of your own!" "You have all been told what to think by the Jews!" added Amadeus VI

Niccolo and Francis laugh... " you are the one claiming there is a massive conspiracy, it is your job to provide proof, since you have failed to do anything but raise circumstantial claims based only on paranoia and speculation, it is you who have been conditioned to attack the status quo for no other reason than it being what it is" Francis said.

"Its truly pathetic, go ahead and preach to receptive ears, the deceiver never lacks victims for his deception, but know that you will only inspire those individuals who are like you. Illogical, delusional, paranoid, and quick to jump to conclusions. Such people will form the basis of no movement that can last." scoffed Niccolo

The two groups depart.

The end.