Author Topic: someone got whacked on my street  (Read 313 times)

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someone got whacked on my street
« on: January 08, 2010, 08:51:03 pm »
Source, Boston Globe,

CHELSEA -- A man whose bloody body was found discarded head-first in a trash barrel was allegedly stabbed to death by his roommate in a fight fueled by allegations of robbery and a dispute over a woman, authorities said today in court.

The roommate, Marvin Ruano-Garcia, 24, is accused of killing Israel Vasquez in the first-floor apartment they shared at 96 Grove St. Vasquez's body was then stuffed in that brown plastic trash barrel, dragged some 75 feet from down the street, and left. Two women made the gruesome discovery at dawn on Tuesday morning, spotting the man's legs, which had been wrapped in plastic bags and protruded from the trash barrel.

Ruano-Garcia, 24, pleaded not guilty today at his arraignment in Chelsea District Court. Defense attorney John G. Tardif said that his client acted in self defense.

Vasquez was the one who burst into his room in the middle of the night and tried to rob Ruano-Garcia, Tardif said. The two men also had feelings for the same women, he said, and they tussled. During the struggle, Vasquez "fell on his own knife," Tardif said. 
"This was pure self defense," the defense lawyer continued. "No homicide at all."

Rumana-Garcia is an immigrant from Honduras who has a legal permit to work in the United States, Tardif said. He dumped the body in the garbage because he was nervous about not being a US citizen, Tardif said.

Rumana-Garcia is employed as a sausage maker on the North Shore, Tardif said, and he went to work after the killing and told his boss what happened. His boss called police.

Vasquez was the father of five children and had several grandchildren, according to his eldest son, Cleyben Rojas, 27. Rojas said that his father had worked in the produce section at Market Basket in Salem and had lived in the Grove Street apartment for a decade. In the past, Vasquez had gotten along with his roommate, Rojas said, but the two men were not particularly close.

"He didn't deserve to die like that," Rojas said.

This sort of thing happens a lot, however its rare that it makes the news, must have been a particularly gruseome sight. Didn't see it myself, it was freezing that day so I stayed in. The killer and I have never met, my sister thinks he was the scum bag that I told to f-ck off because he was hitting on her. A shame he didn't try to start something with me, the dead guy might be alive if that was the case...
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