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Author Topic: An Open Question to Interventionists  (Read 312 times)

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Re: An Open Question to Interventionists
« on: June 25, 2009, 01:46:34 pm »
Tell me then, my fine dictator, when Overpopulation converges on your country, do you expect Mexico to reciprocate when they are the ones with a booming economy and plenty of jobs? Everyone other leader in the world understands: My own People first. I'm sorry to say this but I would not want you for a dictator. I would want someone who, when times are tough, protects their own citizens from dramatic influx of labor and the devaluation you know it causes. In all the world, only white people cannot ask for this, cannot ask for the safeguard of their own People and their own countries. So you think it's okay to deny it.