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The class system
« on: April 16, 2009, 05:00:14 pm »
Unlike most forums ranks here are not dependent on how often you post or how long you are online... Ranks are given, by me. And will be decided by popular vote of the groups who have the privilege of voting.

So, in other words, its a meritocracy. If you are well liked and post well you will get a high rank, if you are annoying you will stay on a low rank, or get banned in extreme cases.

The classes are

1. Servi (slave)

You have the ability to post but only after having them approved.

2. Liberti (Freedman)

You have the ability to post but only after having them approved, and have some limited abilities.

3. Plebeians (commoners)

You have the ability to post, and have most normal user abilities.

4. Equites (the middle class)

You have the ability to post, and have some limited mod abilities, (in regards to your profile and posts)

5. Patricians (The nobility)

You have the ability to post everywhere except in places for common fok, but why would you want to associate with them... right? Anyway you have mod abilities in your own topics, and mod abilities for your posts and profile. You can't touch other peoples topics, or their profiles however.

6. Censura (mods)

They are everywhere and they can do almost anything, except of course things that only I can do.

7. Lictors (sub mods)
They are everywhere and can lock, split, and move topics, they cannot edit or delete posts or threads. Nor can they ban users

8. Dictator perpetuo (the admin, me) I have the power of life and death over everything and everyone. And I can do whatever I want.
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