Author Topic: Reconciling Noam Chomsky with Ayn Rand  (Read 856 times)

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Re: Reconciling Noam Chomsky with Ayn Rand
« on: May 07, 2009, 10:33:18 am »
You seriously need to get over yourself, not everything is about you and your precious American security bubble.

Libertarianism is not "American" neither is democracy, in fact this country hasn't invented a goddamn thing! Everything you consider American existed in some form in Europe before America even existed.

And libertarian socialism does exist, and is a legitimate political philosophy, so get off your high horse!

You should know this topic had not a dam thing to do with you, it just so happens I watched some interesting lectures of Chomsky on youtube,

and I was inspired to make this topic, and draw the distinction between the two forms of libertarianism.

Maybe you should educate yourself before jumping to biased and foolish conclusions.

Ok bud, you're totally right I'm the one that needs to educate myself by going to no name less then reputable websites and drawing conclusions from what some anonymous person rights.

I couldn't possibly be educated on what libertarianism is or where it started because it's not like I've been a libertarian for over 3 years now. Yes you are so totally right this isn't a pattern of behavior on your part talking about how libertarianism only appeals to radical mind sets and is full of neo-nazis, neo-confederates, racists, conspiracy theorists, and now socialists.

I didn't say this was about me but it seem you are the uninformed one and are drawing conclusions repeatedly from biased of nonfactual sources repeatedly in order to express some sort of bias towards libertarianism.

I wouldn't expect this kind of behavior out of you, I would expect someone like you to rationally debate the points of a philosophy or ideology if you have problems with it instead of attempting to go through some roundabout character assassination.

"libertarian socialism" is another term for socialist anarchism. It is not libertarian in origin it is anarchist in origin, because the first modern usage of the term libertarian was in an American Communist newspaper by a socialist writer.

The modern Libertarian movement and philosophy is in strict opposition to these ideals and WAS founded in America in the 1960s. The term has been in use far longer, but when you refer to "libertarianism" in the modern sense you are referring to the American philosophy and political movement not Socialist Anarchism who's main tenet is complete elimination of coercion in any and all forms not the freedom of the individual as is the main tenet and focus of modern libertarianism.