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Author Topic: Reconciling Noam Chomsky with Ayn Rand  (Read 856 times)

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Re: Reconciling Noam Chomsky with Ayn Rand
« on: May 07, 2009, 11:19:15 am »
You who didn't even know about Ayn Rand before I told you about her, nor Milton Freedman before I told you about him, are now claiming you know more about libertarianism because you actually are one. I would argue that fact that you are one is proof that you have no idea what it is about.

Now, again you start the basis of your argument on a straw man. That I am saying your brand of libertarianism is the same as that of Noam Chomsky... are you on drugs?

Of course I'm not saying that, the entire point of this topic is to discuss why we have two ideologies claiming the same name that have so little in common.

And again, its not about you, not everything I do is about you. Get over yourself!

To add, Libertarianism started with Adam Smith, in Scotland. So no, its not American!

Do you even know who Adam Smith is, or do I need to teach you about him too?

Adam Smith did not start Libertarianism, though some site him as influential in formation of certain libertarian ideas. And yes I know who Adam Smith is, he's one of my favorite philosophers.

The fact that I didn't know who Ayn Rand is, is besides the point. She's not even a libertarian really, and I've decided I'm not really an "objectivist" as she defines the philosophy. Milton Freeman, is not as popular in Libertarianism as Rothbard and Mises (the two economists I have always looked to for economic philosophy), whom I have known about since I became libertarian 3 years ago. The fact that I didn't know about one guy who I don't much agree with anyways on several things does not speak to a lack of education on my own political ideology.

I am well versed in the differences and have had this discussion with numerous people. Libertarian Socialism is not historically or ideologically a brand of modern Libertarian philosophy. Just because they share a label does not make them at all similar or related.

My point is not likening the two, it is that you are incorrectly positing that two forms of libertarian ideology exist. Only one exists "libertarian socialism" is not libertarianism it is a form of anarchism that has nothing to do with libertarian tenets. Lots of people claim the label of libertarian incorrectly, Sean Hannity for instance is fond of doing this.