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The MA flip flop
« on: September 16, 2009, 06:39:01 am »
Here in the great state of the commonwealth of the glorious peoples republic of Taxachussetss our wise oligarchs, (democrat state senators) made a decision during the 2004 campaign of John Kerry to change the law of succession for the States two national senate seats. Originally it allowed then Governor, republican Mitt Romney to fill any vacant senate seat with an interim appointee who would then have to run for reelection at the next scheduled election.

To prevent Mitt from appointing a republican should John Kerry win, they changed the law. Now that the Governor is Deval Patrick and Senator for life Ted Kennedy has shed his mortal coil, the wise Solons at Beacon hill are voting to reverse their political decision to allow current but soon to be former Governor Deval Partick, (whose approval ratings make Bush look popular in 07) to appoint a democrat to fill the seat before the people have a chance to elect a republican or an independent due to the shear rage the people in Massachusetts, (and the rest of the country) are feeling towards democrats right now.

So lets play a game, I'm going to list the state senators who voted to Pass the original amendment to change the law, and lets see how many of them vote to change it back.
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