Author Topic: The Problem with PC People  (Read 103 times)

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The Problem with PC People
« on: May 08, 2009, 09:30:20 pm »
As some of you know, a few of us came over from the Globechat boat. Since Zero [the head of that forum, de facto if not de jure] doesn't frequent, I can readily tell the truth about something I've been keeping bottled-up inside for a while.

Recently, Zero went on a questions website and poured his little PC heart out about how he doesn't like my type, and wants to get more minorities on his message board. No one has yet provided him with a clear answer.

I think I know why. There's little to debate with PC people. They're right, and many times they rely on having a forum literally closed to the opposition in order to perpetuate their views. Even in an open forum there's very little debate; people tend to rely on getting offended to win an argument.

I really do wish there were more PC people to debate with. I feel like a ***slur deleted*** chasing everyone away because they don't like the weapons involved [argument]. In that light I apologize to anyone I offend and I invite you to change my views. I am open to my opinions being wrong especially if I recieve the same consideration in kind.

So please, get more PC people. And Sandy, don't leave, I would miss you greatly.

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