Author Topic: How do we solve the economic crisis?  (Read 699 times)

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Re: How do we solve the economic crisis?
« on: May 03, 2009, 06:43:49 pm »
So if you were the president, what would your economic policy be?

If Barack Obama were impeached tomorrow and I was elected as president, I would put a bill before congress to recall all bailout money spent by the current and previous administration (or at least as much as could be obtained).

I would cease all bailouts.

I would cease all nationalizations and government controls of failing businesses and allow them to liquidate, either being sold off to other companies or going into chapter 11 bankruptcy.

I would halt all government spending until sufficient government cuts to the budget had been made in order to have a positive income.

I would ask congress to completely rework the tax code.

I would cut military fat out of the budget completely only spending on necessary technological development and getting rid of resource tapping over seas bases we never use.

I would audit the CIA and end all government claim to secrecy.

I would completely dissolve half of the bureaucracies in Washington.

I would ask congress to enact law making Presidential decrees illegal, and overturn all of the currently enacted ones back to Andrew Jackson who was the first to use them.

I would withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Iraq immediately.

I would stop government infrastructure programs.

I would ask congress to dissolve the Federal Reserve and put back power to print currency directly in the hands of Congress through mechanism of the U.S. treasury. I would also ask them to nationalize the U.S. dollar since we currently don't own the rights to it since it's a private bank note.

I would deport all illegal aliens everywhere without exceptions, and then construct the largest border wall along Mexico since the Great Wall of China (this wall would also have a subterranean portion extending 50 feet below making digging underneath highly impractical, it would be reinforced with high grade concrete and steel, it would have an electrified razor wire fence top similar to those employed by supermax prisons).

I would legalize all currently illegal substances, saving the U.S. millions if not billions in drug related arrests per year.

I would dissolve the minimum wage and child labor laws and offer tax incentives to companies doing business inside the U.S.

I would institute a flat tax or the Automated Payment Transaction Tax whichever is more feasible. Possibly eliminating or rewriting the current tax code altogether.

Just to name a few.