Author Topic: How do we solve the economic crisis?  (Read 699 times)

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Re: How do we solve the economic crisis?
« on: May 03, 2009, 08:07:16 pm »
Here is what I would do

Phase out tarp with prepackaged bankruptcy, require full reimbursement by all newly created entities of tax money.

investigate the federal reserve board, improve transparency, put greater limits on interest rate manipulation.

use money saved by phasing out tarp to fund a new civilian conservation corp on the New deal Model, with the stated goal of getting people off unemployment and back into paying jobs.

Phase out unemployment benefits after 1 month of use.

use the new CCC to modernize American infrastructure including dear Island style sewage treatment facilities, public transport, roads, bridges, and phase out tolls for instate residents who pay for such services with their taxes.

Start work programs in rehabilitation centers and prisons to offset costs, and train inmates in trades and skills necessary to survive when they are released.

Reform SSI into forced savings accounts with liability insurance.

Put medicare and medicate under the reformed SSI, exclude persons suffering from obesity, and drug related disabilities from eligibility unless they take mandated treatment courses, and achieve and maintain certain bench marks.

expand the student voucher program to all school systems, (paid for with funding cuts to under performing schools) and begin phasing out under performing schools, and imposing merit based pay for teachers and staff. Abolish school boards, put local PTA's in charge. Federally mandate evolution and safe sex education.

Legalize, tax, and regulate all forms of vice, and victimless criminal activities.

Earmark a percentage of revenue from this to fund treatment programs

Abolish minority quota's, make discrimination on the basis of skin color illegal, remove hate crimes legislation, create boards of organization within minority groups to better represent and protect their communities. Establish social clubs for different groups to educate and express themselves make all boards part of a larger board with representative in local governments.

Establish a national ID, use fingerprint recognition to avoid the need for cards. Require this for any legal transaction within the nation. Allow police to ask for recognition only in a set case of parameters when suspects are stopped for an offense statistically related to illegal immigration.

Create an elis Island like facility on the Mexican American border to process new arrivals effectively, and make it easier for people to immigrate if they meet certain qualifications, (basic understanding of the law, history, and political process, clear criminal record, no contagious illnesses, ect.)

Require all immigrants to take courses in English, and deport them should they fail to learn it within 3 years of being admitted.

Institute a 5 year probation for new arrivals, deport individuals involved in anti government organizations like mexica.

Involvement in such groups for people past this phase will be subject to surveillance, and investigations should criminal activities or civil offenses, (including slander, libel, and fighting words) be linked to said organizations.

All current illegals will be given amnesty at such time as the above provision have been enacted, with the exception of those who do not fit the outlined qualifications.

Impose restrictions on the borrowing power of the federal reserve, and the deficit spending of congress. Require budgets to produce a surplus within 2 fiscal years. require the national debt to be reduced to zero before any fiscal year is allowed to have a deficit, starting 2 fiscal years from now.

Make failure to do this an automatic impeachment.

Phase out foreign aide over 4 years, encourage foreign governments to do 1 of 3 things

1. become sell sufficient
2. sell their bonds to us in exchange for the money they need to survive
3. or apply for statehood and join the USA.

require all foreign governments garrisoned with US forces to do one of 2 things

1. raise their own forces and effectively manage their area of influence according to international law

2. support our forces with their resources to manage their defense and enforce the law.

Threaten to withdraw and permit anarchy and violence to break out as a result, if they refuse.

This would offset the cost of all foreign intervention.

Reinforce our position in both Afghanistan and Iraq, work closely with both governments to eliminate extremist elements, and abolish slanderous anti American propaganda.

Require both to support our efforts financially. Set clear bench marks for withdrawal including protection for minorities, and civil liberties for citizens.

Abolish incentives and trade barriers to nations who fit pre established regulations and parameters, including a standard minimum wage, and workers rights, safety regulations and conditions, ect. Use diplomacy and super national authority to force nations to adopt these laws, refuse to trade with nations that do not.

Reform the tax code, institute a progressive sales tax, that incentivises the purchase of materials and goods that cover basic needs, and growth, and punish luxury, (lavish estates, entertainment, needless accessories, pets) and harmful substances, (alcohol, illegal drugs, junk food, gambling, vice, ect.)

Allow the creation of specially administrated zones for people to opt out of the government, based on the native American reservation model.
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